Top Most Characterful Cities in America

America is best characterized by the charm its cities offer, from cool crowds, art colonies to complete bohemian crowd, it is home to some of the coolest characterful cities on this earth. Topping the list are Austin, Memphis, Charlestown, Boston, Nashville, Seattle, New Orleans, etc. 

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Here are some of the most characterful cities you cannot miss out in America:

Austin, Texas: This easy-going capital is full of surprises, live music culture, lively bars, and always on the hunt for something innovative. Texas has been designated as the Live Music Capital of the World and with that being said it is no stranger when we talk about entertaining venues, carnivals, and some amazing theatres. Besides its famed live music Texas has an eclectic scene for outdoor activities, from funky laid-back towns to fantastic gourmet restaurants Austin will always surprise you.

Memphis, Tennessee: With its remarkable historic buildings, Memphis greets its visitors with proud musical heritage and mouthwatering BBQ’S. You might have seen all crazy places, but Memphis takes the cake when it comes to an iconic American city. The city breathes in music legends and is one of the best cities to enjoy blues, retro, and other musical heritage in a nutshell.

Charlestown, South Carolina: Charlestown boasts about its preserved architecture and its one of the friendliest cities among its counterparts. The streets are lined with horse-drawn carriages, charming churches, beautiful water font, gas lamps, and plenty of elegant mansions.

New Orleans, Louisiana:  Besides its Jazz and its legendary café culture, New Orleans is an elegant Garden district that comes to life with its colorful neighborhoods, gigantic parks, and plenty of green places to relax. When darkness hits the city, the streets wakes up with the crazy bars and plenty of authentic street foods to munch on.

Incredible Beaches Worth Exploring At Least Once In Vancouver

Vancouver is the 3rd largest metropolitan city of Canada and the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. It has been consistently named as the liveliest cities and has made its way to the 10th well-living cities in the world. Vancouver is also notable for being the host of the 2015 World FIFA Women’s World Cup and special steps have been taken to become the greenest city by 2020. This Hollywood North is contemporarily one of the most visited destinations and there’s no denying why it remains on the top stop. Beaches like Kitsilano Beach, Second Beach, Wreck Beach lives up to the hype of every surfer’s expectation. Vancouver has a colorful affair when we talk about some of the best beaches.

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Wreck Beach: Wreck Beach is situated along the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Stretching for over 7.8km, this beach is North America’s largest naturist beaches that provide clothing optional to its visitors. From amazing sunsets, walking trails to swimming the Wreck Beach is one of the best places to chase some sand, sun, and sea.


Kitsilano Beach: Kitsilano Beach is another popular beach in Vancouver, home to the longest swimming spot for sunbathers and swimmers. With several volleyball courts nestled in between this beach is encompassed by beautiful mountains and plenty of drink and dine bars. During warm summer months, the saltwater outdoor Kitsilano Pool becomes a relaxing spot for the locals.

Jericho Beach: Jericho Beach is located on the west of Kitsilano Beach and caters to swimmers of all shapes and sizes. From volleyball, swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking visitors have ample opportunities to spend some quality time here with their families.

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