Amazing Tourist Destinations in Fargo For your 2021 Holiday Trips

Fargo is located in Cass County of North Dakota and is the 223rd most populated city in the United States. Fargo was originally founded in 1871 along the Red River of the North floodplain. Fargo is a melting pot for trade, culture, an iconic landmark, research, and innovation. Some of the most popular attractions in Fargo include Red River Zoo, Bonanzaville USA, Plains Art Museum, Fargo Air Museum, Lindenwood park, Roger Maris Museum, etc.

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Here are some of the top attractions in Fargo

The Red River Zoo: The Red River Zoo is located in North Dakota, an 8acre zoo that opened in 1999. Accredited with the Associations from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2006, it is open daily from late April till October. The zoo houses over 600 animals of more than 89 species ranging from red pandas, wolves, otters, Russian Red Tree Squirrels, Pallas’s cats, and many more.

Bonanzaville: Bonanzaville, USA is a historical museum located in West Fargo, North Dakota. These 12 acres museum features a prairie church, a drug store, a fire station, a general store, a schoolhouse, and Fargo’s first house. Other exhibits include a firefighting vehicle, horse-drawn carriage, medical and dental equipment, a telephone museum, newspaper printing press, and many more.

The Plains Art Museum: The Plains Art Museum is situated in Downtown Fargo, North Dakota. The history first opened in 1965 and features permanent collection ranging from traditional American Indian Art, contemporary art, traditional folk art from famous artists like Salvador Dali, Ellsworth Kelly, James Rosenquist, and many more.

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3 Train Journeys in Canada that promises Absolute Adventure

There no journey like train journeys and if you have been wanting to experience Canada a different way, then you can. Canada is best explored by traveling by train, you have the option to go on the most scenic expeditions. Some of the must-try on train journeys in Canada is the Rocky Mountaineer, The Toronto- Vancouver Route, the white pass and Yukon Railroad, the Winnipeg Churchill Train, etc.

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Narrow down your favorites with the list we have prepared for you

The Rocky Mountaineer: The scenery that abounds from British Columbia to Alberta is undoubtedly going to surprise you. The Canadian Rockies have three different routes – the First Passage to the west, Banff to Vancouver via Kamloops, and lastly the Fraser Canyon.

The Toronto- Vancouver Route: The Toronto- Vancouver Route is a four-day train journey that takes you all the way from east to west. The train journey covers you the city of Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The Canadian route is a winding 4,500 km ride and you also have the option from the Rockies to the west coast.

The Winnipeg Churchill Trail: The Winnipeg Churchill Trail is a two days train journey, a journey where you have the opportunity to explore the scenic shorelines of Hudson Bay, catch the Northern Lights in Churchill, and spot polar bears in the subarctic region.

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5 Coolest Neighborhoods in London

Besides London’s iconic culture and history, there are plenty of noteworthy places and landmarks which may be known only to a handful of people. The clustered neighborhoods have their own rhythm and identity, constantly evolving and live up to the hype of visitors from all around the world. Some of the coolest neighborhoods in London include Soho, Dalston, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Brixton, Hampstead, Camden, Wimbledon, etc.

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Here are some of the coolest neighborhoods in London worth exploring at least once:

  1. Wimbledon: Wimbledon is renowned for its beautiful open green spaces, neighborhood cafes, boutiques, and amazing bars. It is located in Southwest London, England, home to Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
  2. Canonbury: Canonbury offers small-town charm, its streets have been filled with cozy cafes and beautiful squares that are ideal for Sunday strolls. It is a residential area located in Islington, North London.
  3. Camden: Camden is a small village located on the outskirts of Central London. It is an important center for new businesses and characterized by new cafes, restaurants, and plenty of attractions. It is located in the northwest of London and historically it was the administrative center of the London Borough of Camden.
  4. Southwark: Southwark is one of the biggest boroughs in London jampacked with plenty of castles and outdoor activities. Some of the most popular attractions here include Camber well, Old Kent Road, Canada Water, Elephant and Castle, Surrey Quays, Dulwich, etc.
  5. Tottenham: Tottenham is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in London. The streets usually remain active with parties, live music, and food stalls. For more info on different destinations, you can visit the Air Canada Official Site.